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4,13 EUR*
Details Plant World Seeds - Silene 'Ray's Golden Campion' Seeds

(Silene dioica aurea) After years of trying we have succeeded in breeding this absolutely new and stunning, easy-to-grow dianthus relative that comes almost completely true from seed. Bright pink flowers open over a very long period, on contrasting ...

4,20 EUR*
Details Plant World Seeds - Primula Florindae 'Ray's Ruby' Seeds

Several years ago, amongst a large bed of mostly yellow or orange seedlings, one spectacular plant shone out from all the rest with large, deepest blood red bells on strong stems. The valuable seed from this plant was sown and generations later we ...

13,50 EUR*
Details Dexter Stagione 05 [Blu-ray] [IT Import]

Dieser IT Import enthält auch die deutsche Sprache. Die Blie-Ray's wurden 1x geschaut

10,59 EUR*
Details Hammock House-Africa Caribe

The Mix 1-1 - Exodus (Ray's Manos Duras Intro) (0:16) 1-2 - Vamos A La Loma (2:23) 1-3 - Over The Horizon Sound Scape (0:17) 1-4 - Changó (Studio Cross Talk) (0:11) 1-5 - Changó (Sacred Rhythm Mix) (5:11) 1-6 - Changó (Rhythms) (0:53) 1-7 - African ...